What Does “Being Grounded” Even Mean?

I think Spring is almost here?! We have had just a few glimpses of the feeling of Spring and the response I see is everyone running around outside, finally! Like my 6 year son says, “It’s supposed to be spring, but it feels like winter!”

I am finally feeling the urge to emerge after the winter of hibernation. I’m recognizing that I’m not able to do anything that’s not authentic to me so that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while!

In the energy world of cycles, the season of Winter is the Rhythm of Water, very Yin, internal, deep and reflective. As we enter Spring, it’s the Rhythm of Wood, which is Yang, all about expression, assertiveness, moving forward, sprouting branches and getting out into the world!  Here we go!

So on that Spring note…

It reminds me of the importance and deep meaning of being grounded. What does that really mean anyway? To be in your body, firmly planted, knowing your own foundation and being within yourself!

When you are grounded, you are energized and stable; you are able to think clearly and with direction. So, being grounded before moving forward gives you the clarity within yourself and helps with which direction you are going and growing!

In energy speak, it is about grounding your body’s electrical energy, and allowing the natural flow of energy into and through our body.  All that stress builds up in your body and when you are not energetically grounded there is excess energy building and it bounces right back up into your system if you are not grounded, like we are shocking ourselves! Our bodies need that grounding wire, just like the third prong on the electrical cord, which gathers up any extra charge and then grounds it to the earth.  

When not grounded we may feel ‘off’, anxious, discombobulated, irritable, unable to remember things or think as clearly or ‘picking up’ too much energy from others.

The body is electromagnetic (think EKGs of the heart) and by grounding our body to the Earth’s electromagnetic field we can discharge all that ‘extra stuff’ we feel when we are overwhelmed, anxious or overworked.  That sounds pretty good, right?  When we are grounded we can feel more solid in our own foundation.  Our physical and emotional, spiritual foundations—being grounded can help with your internal connection, reducing stress levels and anxiety, relieving pain, and help with sleep.

It can even impact your relationships!  Doesn’t it feel really good when you are with someone and you can feel their full presence and attention?

Being energetically grounded allows us to experience what is right in front of us.  Have you ever had the experience of being somewhere or with someone but hard to recall the moments?  I sometimes look at pictures of my family or past events and think, ‘was I really fully present for that?’

In our minds, we are commonly upset about the past or worried about the future so our present moment gets lost.

I’ve come to learn that being grounded = being present.  Or at least it helps us to bring our whole self to experience the moment we are in.  Whether it be a joyful or painful moment, when you can experience it with a grounded presence and it can be felt and the energy of the moment can flow.

Grounding and presence is a way to tap into your own authentic power, we all have it!  I’m not talking about the ego-power that can be distorted. Rather, it’s the deep well of the richness of your essence—that kind of power.  A deeper knowing and feeling within yourself where all the ‘noise’ of the external world is quieted.  It’s that access to your internal connection to your own sacred heart that is the light on your path. 


Energy Tip for Grounding:

Now that the weather is getting better... Walk barefoot on the Earth! 

Super easy and very effective. Your feet will soak up the much needed electrons that cover the surface of the Earth helping to stabilize your energy system and in turn you feel better and sleep better!

Here is a great article that helps to explain this: Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth's Surface Electrons