What Clients Are Saying…

I Leave Every Session Feeling So Great!

I felt very comfortable from the very first time I walked into Beth's treatment room. I leave every session feeling so great! Energy healing with Beth is a great addition to find balance - even if you are already in other types of therapies.

I also love all the tools, information, and "home exercises" I have gotten from my sessions with Beth.  Now I have an arsenal of things I can do either in prevention (ie, keeping symptoms from ramping up) or in response (ie, general stress and frustration of real life).

As a traditionally "left-brained" and concrete person as well as a physical therapist, I have only recently (maybe the past 5 years or so) truly appreciated the immense benefit of the less traditional forms of healing. I am always amazed at how much I can feel during a session with Beth - even when there is no physical contact! This type of medicine is for everyone. You will feel a positive change!

Lisa H.

More Confidence, Freedom, Energy and Joy

Beth was great at creating a safe, peaceful atmosphere through her own nonjudgmental attitude and gentle touch. I gained so much from her vast knowledge of energy medicine.  She was able to detect areas where my energy was weak or blocked through energy testing, and help to get those energies flowing.  I would always leave my sessions with her with a spring in my step and more joy in my heart.  She also taught me individualized energy exercises that I could do at home to keep and build on the gains I had made in the session.

My sessions with Beth have given me more confidence, freedom, energy and joy which has given me the self-acceptance to boldly follow my bliss and know that I am enough.

In sessions with Beth she can find out where you are stuck and help you to get your energies moving which will boost your vitality and joy.  This helps all levels of your being from your physical health, relationships with others and the world and can even inform your life path.

Dotty H.

I Felt as Though I Was Put Back Together

My energy sessions with Beth helped me validate all my life changes that were happening so closely together. Beth helped me realize that I must take better care of myself and keep moving forward. My sessions helped me feel more organized in my day to day life and to live in the present with less worry. I felt as though I was put back together.

The practices Beth gave me for homework that I did daily helped my energy become rebalanced and therefore I felt more energized and ready to handle the day to day business of life.

I loved working with Beth because she has a compassionate and very kind and soothing nature. She educated me on the aspects of the energy work which helped me truly understand why the energy sessions are so important for good health, both physical and spiritual. Her gentle nature helped me feel so comfortable and nurtured after each session.

Margaret P.

More Energy Because My Resources Are Not Depleted

I was used to carrying around a certain level of anxiety, it had increased to a disruptive level and I would oftentimes catch myself holding my breath.  I was using up so much energy being protective when I didn’t need to be. It was automatic and unnecessary. I tried yoga and traditional therapy, but it didn’t help me with the disconnection, which left me feeling discouraged and alone.

With Beth, I am not on my own.

I have someone helping me shift the energy in my body from a place of stagnation. I am learning to work with the energy in my body instead of ignoring it or pushing it away. I have tools now to use outside of session when I feel overwhelmed and tools to help ground me. Now I can participate more fully in yoga and therapy and I don’t feel so afraid.  I now have more energy because my resources are not depleted.

The visual imagery I have experienced in session surprised me. I see colors and feel the heat of the energy as it moves throughout my body. Energy work has also made me feel more comfortable putting my hands on my own body and given me a new appreciation for the ritual of movement.

Beth radiates warmth. She is the type of person you want to be around because you feel good being around her. Beth’s friendly face and calm demeanor provide for a comfortable and accepting environment.

Laura A.

A Greater Capacity to Hold Loving Space for Others in My Life

As someone who has integrated many personal-growth and self-care activities into my life, Energy Medicine was the missing piece for me to really EMBODY who it is that I am becoming.

I feel much more grounded in my body and, in turn, have been able to experience greater amounts of joy and gratitude. Life feels more ALIVE and beautiful. I feel more connected to myself, my body and its needs, the natural world; and I have a greater capacity to hold loving space for others in my life.

I leave each session feeling like we processed and cleared exactly what I needed to release. Energy medicine truly meets me wherever I am at and supports me in exactly what I need in that moment. Beth is amazing at listening to what is going on in my life, without any judgement, and helps me connect the dots. This work goes DEEP, and I am blown away by how effective it is.

Kelly M.

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