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Bethany Lynch, EEM-CLP, APN, RN

Beth Lynch is an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner with a commitment to supporting and empowering clients on their own journey to heal, evolve and optimize wellness through energy work.


Relieve Stress, Balance Energies and Empower the Client

This is the foundation of the Roots & Wings Energy practice.  By providing a trusted and safe environment, the work of balancing and reconnecting energies helps you feel more grounded, clear and whole.  Beth works with you to help with your own empowerment, finding your voice and truth so you can thrive and glow instead of just survive and be in the status quo. Energy work can help find and work with your 'sticking points', which can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, that may be holding you back from your fulfillment in yourself and in your life. 

Beth began her journey in the health field as a nurse with holistic roots.  Beth's nursing background includes working with cancer patients and with patients and families in palliative care and hospice.  Beth has always been drawn to caring for the whole person, which is the model of hospice as well as many ancient holistic care practices with the deep recognition that we are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings that have important needs on each level.  Energy Medicine is a multi-faceted and intricate way to address these needs based on the energy involved with all the dynamic parts of us.   

Beth always felt that there was 'something more' she had to offer in the healing field.  She followed her heart into Energy Medicine and is so grateful for the alignment she feels in her life.  She is passionate and committed to helping others with empowerment in their lives.  Beth is married and the mother of three beautiful and spirited children and experiences the labyrinth nature of being a parent.  Energy Medicine is an amazing link between western and eastern medicine, creating depth to Beth's understanding and concept of human disease and emotion.  In the medical model, basic levels of care can be described as Preventative Care, Curative Care and Palliative Care.  Energy Medicine is safe and can be applied simultaneously at any phase because the common thread is the human being, all with the same basic needs. 

What Beth enjoys best about this work is the complete acceptance of the client; there is no judgement of the body’s energies, it’s just what is and all part of each's soul journey.  Beth will support your healing path and whatever works for you to evolve.  Beth is honored to assist you on your journey.


  • Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Phoenix, AZ, Naperville, IL, London, UK

  • Adult Nurse Practitioner, Masters in Nursing, University of Washington-Seattle

  • Registered Nurse, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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Beth Lynch shares her journey to Roots and Wings, not just her own energy work practice, but in herself - how she continues to unfold who she is in her life, her challenges, and her joys.

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