The Wisdom of Winter

New Year & Fresh Start

Well it’s a few weeks now into the new year, how is everything going?  New Year’s Resolutions in full swing?  Or you’ve already bagged those ideas! 

For me, new changes can all get burned out very quickly if I live by the old paradigm of ‘keeping up’ and comparing to everyone else.  This is where I’ve found pacing comes in.

We are always in such a hurry to ‘get there’, achieve, and do it all better and faster than the next person. 

What are we rushing for? 

What's Your Perspective?

I’m into shifting this paradigm from competition and comparison (lack/not enough mentality) to cooperation and generosity (abundance/plentiful mentality). 

It’s all about perspective.  Abundance is where I want to live from. And it starts with gratitude of where I am in this moment.  Not trying to make it different, wish it was something else, or dropping into the ‘story’ around everything, just simply recognizing what is right in front of me and experiencing it and feeling appreciation for the moment.

Winter Rhythm

Let’s talk about Winter and how it’s viewed in the Chinese 5 Rhythms cycle.  Winter is represented as the Water Element.  Water symbolizes creation, the beginning, dreaming up ideas.  With the new year, maybe you’ve had some thought of a fresh start, a time possibly filled with potential, freshness, anew, planting seeds.  The wisdom in Water Rhythm especially at this time of year is strong and deep.

Yin = Rest

Winter is a Yin season, as nature shows us, it’s a time to rest and go within while you are dreaming up new creations.  A time to nourish ourselves and build our energy ‘stores’.  So we aren’t running around energy deficient all the time, otherwise known as= exhausted!

The Yin meridian associated with Water is Kidney.  Kidney is deep Yin energy, it’s is our Essence, our constitution, kind of like who we are to our bones. It holds our fearful isolation and shame along with the energy of courage, movement towards others and gentleness with self.

Kidney meridian represents the ‘battery of our body’.  And we wear out our battery by overworking, trying to keep up, lack of sleep, excess stress and just plain overstimulation. 

How Do You Pace Yourself?

So back to the pacing thing, while working towards your goal or desired change in your life, what is the right pace for you?  Finding your pace will help nourish Kidney meridian!

Allow comparison to fall away, because I’ve noticed this is where the pace quickens.  On some level we are addicted to this fast-paced achievement-oriented culture. 

Alternatively, allow yourself choice and space for own rhythm to come through.  Build in time and space for you.  Listening to that small voice of ‘how do I really want to feel in my life?’ 

Persistent practice of realigning yourself to you, to the present, to your own values.  Then taking the small steps, a daily practice of incorporating one new thing into your daily life.  Even if it’s taking more deep breaths!

So let the Winter/Water season give you permission to put your feet up and give your body some rest and nourishment!