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The Wisdom of Winter

The Wisdom of Winter

Well it’s a few weeks now into the new year, how is everything going?  New Year’s Resolutions in full swing?  Or you’ve already bagged those ideas! 

For me, new changes can all get burned out very quickly if I live by the old paradigm of ‘keeping up’ and comparing to everyone else.  This is where I’ve found pacing comes in.

We are always in such a hurry to ‘get there’, achieve, and do it all better and faster than the next person. 

 What are we rushing for? 

What Does “Being Grounded” Even Mean?

What Does “Being Grounded” Even Mean?

I think Spring is almost here?! We have had just a few glimpses of the feeling of Spring and the response I see is everyone running around outside, finally! Like my 6 year son says, “It’s supposed to be spring, but it feels like winter!”

I am finally feeling the urge to emerge after the winter of hibernation. I’m recognizing that I’m not able to do anything that’s not authentic to me so that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a while!

In the energy world of cycles, the season of Winter is the Rhythm of Water, very Yin, internal, deep and reflective. As we enter Spring, it’s the Rhythm of Wood, which is Yang, all about expression, assertiveness, moving forward, sprouting branches and getting out into the world!  Here we go!

So on that Spring note…

It reminds me of the importance and deep meaning of being grounded. What does that really mean anyway?