Private Energy Sessions

As an Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner, Beth Lynch's modern mind-body approach allows her to truly personalize sessions to her clients’ needs. Most energy modalities work with just one system. Eden Energy Medicine (developed by Donna Eden) is special because it utilizes 9 energetic systems, all wrapped up into one highly effective modality.

Common concerns that Beth helps to address include: stress, sleep, anxiety, pain, physical ailments, emotional trauma, hormones, digestive issues, headaches, grief, feeling stuck or scattered, etc.


Working with the body’s energy systems gives us access to the core of our ailments and concerns.

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This type of medicine is for everyone. You will feel a positive change!
— Lisa H.

What to Expect

Step 1: Identify Your Needs & Goals

We discuss your needs and goals for energy work, and whatever has been bothering you in your mind, body, emotions and/or spirit. It’s okay to come with a specific concern or if you have no clue what sort of support you need. I listen and help to connect the dots.

Step 2: Assess Your Energy Systems

Based on the needs and goals we have identified, we assess your energy systems through applied kinesiology (energy testing through a muscle) and find out how the systems are functioning. This assessment informs how we approach the energy treatment.

Step 3: Energy Treatment

We use various techniques to help reconnect or restore proper flow to your energy systems, which may involve postures, tapping, gentle laying of hands, and stimulating energy acupressure points.

Step 4: Home-Care Exercises

You will receive personalized home-care exercises that can be done in 10 minutes or less each day. Home-care helps to anchor and continue the energy work beyond your sessions.

Private sessions are conducted in a treatment room either laying or sitting on a massage table. All sessions are carried out fully clothed. Energy sessions are not for diagnosis or treatment in the traditional sense and are not a substitute for evaluation and treatment by a qualified health professional.  


Private Session Pricing

Introductory Session (90 - 120 minutes): $150

Successive Sessions (60 - 90 minutes)
1 Session: $115
3 Session Series: $110 each
6 Session Series: $105 each

Cash, check or credit card accepted.

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