How does your Summer feel?


I tell my family, 'I go by feel' when I am trying to describe or decide about something.  When summer rolls around I’m always struck by the feeling of time passing quickly. Even though I imagine those 'lazy days of summer', it doesn't end up like that!

 We just past the Summer Solstice marking the longest amount of daylight in the year.  Feels like summer is full of ‘extras’, extra sunlight, extra playfulness, extra time off.  The energy of summer feels fun, full, and fast.  How many times do you get to the end of summer and say, ‘the summer flew by!’

 As time feels like it’s moving quickly, how do you feel good in your body and enjoy the moment that you are in?

Summer with all its fullness of energy can be a time when symptoms kick up and we can feel more anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, insomnia, or exhaustion.

How does Summer relate to the Fire Element and how you feel?

Summer is represented as the Fire Element in Chinese Medicine Five Element Theory.  Nature is always a great teacher.  As I have studied Energy Medicine, I have gained much more awareness of how these Elements play out in everyday life and in nature and what they have to do with how we feel.

Fire Element and Summer is the season that holds the energy of fullness, light, passion, heat, flowering, maturing, and fun.  It’s the full bloom of the flowers and the bursting color everywhere. It brings a sense of freedom and a "yes" to everything.

In the Five Element Theory, everything is related or connected in some way.  The Fire Element relates to all the other Elements by being fueled by the Wood Element, and Fire burns and the ashes contribute and form the Earth Element. Fire controls Metal Element by melting it and Water controls Fire by dousing it.

Fire consists of four Meridians: Heart, Circulation Sex, Small Intestine, Triple Warmer. There is a ton of power and wisdom within these meridians. We will get into more detail as we move along in the Summer Sanctuary series. 

What are the Fire emotions?

This balance of the Elements is playing out in your energy systems every single day.  And you have the power to work with it.  Love that feeling of empowerment!  I have enjoyed working with the Elements to help bring balance to my system when I feel depleted or off my game.

Fire has many forms from the huge blazing fire, dancing, flickering, calm low smoldering fire or total burnout. You can imagine the feeling within yourself in any of these forms.

If you are lacking or deficient in Fire you may be anxiously trying to stoke all fires, leading to burn-out.

Of if you are in excess of Fire all the excess enthusiasm combines with inability to set limits, leading to crash and burn. 

The emotions (energy in motion) governed by the Fire Element are joy, love, passion, and panic.  All are honorable and it’s about recognizing where you are and the energy and how it feels for you. 

Ways to check in with your Fire in this season…

 * Ways to observe yourself and your energy—first can reflect: ‘how am I showing up right now?’

* Where do I need to set boundaries? Am I getting enough sleep?

* What is blooming in my life?

* Is the sun and activity life giving to me or are am I feeling sapped of energy?

Online Summer Series: Be Your Own Sanctuary