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Let All The Little Things Fall Away

Let All The Little Things Fall Away

As my 6 year old son says, “Mom, keep the little things little!” Something he learned from his fabulous first grade teacher. She works magic in that classroom. Wow, isn’t that the truth! It can be just those little things that we blow up and can get us all bound up sometimes!

It makes me think of the season of Fall, which is the energy of Metal in the Chinese Five Element Cycle, which is ‘allowing things to fall away, release’.  Sounds refreshing, doesn’t it?  A little bit lighter.  

I’ve been into mantras lately, using them to help keep my self critic at bay.  One that I use is ‘Let all the little things fall away’. It’s all about helping me keep perspective, especially when I start stressing about stuff that just really doesn’t matter.  It’s funny how easy it is to have that perspective when a loved one is suddenly ill or in trouble, which is when this little saying popped into my head earlier this year when my dad was suddenly hospitalized for a life threatening matter.  All that stuff I was just worrying about seemed to just fall away. Dad made it through! Yay! 

So back to the season of Fall and the Metal Element, which is at the end of the cycle in Chinese Medicine.