Private Sessions

In the introductory session, Beth will learn first about what your goals are and then will work with your energy systems to provide space for energy to move and promote balance through successive follow up energy sessions and self-care.  The sessions consist of first finding out how your energy systems are functioning through applied kinesiology (energy testing through a muscle), then using various techniques to help reconnect or restore proper flow to the energy systems.  The techniques involve certain postures, tapping, gentle laying of hands, and stimulating energy acupressure points.  The energy sessions are conducted in a treatment room either laying or sitting on a massage table, and all sessions are carried out fully clothed.

The last part of the session is ‘Home Care,’ discussing which easy techniques or exercises you can do at home to anchor and continue the energy work of the session.  The body’s energies can be re-patterned and this is helped by working with the energies daily.  Energy sessions are not for diagnosis or treatment in the traditional sense and are not a substitute for evaluation and treatment by a qualified health professional.  

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Private Session Pricing

Introductory Session (90 - 120 minutes): $150

Successive Sessions (60 - 75 minutes)
1 Session: $115
3 Session Series: $110 each
6 Session Series: $105 each

Cash, check or credit card accepted.

This type of medicine is for everyone. You will feel a positive change!
— Lisa H.