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Who's in Charge of Your Energy?

Who's in Charge of Your Energy?

Who’s in charge of your energy? You or everyone else?  I’m here to say it’s all you.

You can decide how your energy is spent (I have to remind myself of this often) and how it is restored. It’s a beautiful thing when that tipping point happens and you ‘get it’ that YOU are truly the only person that will take care of you.  So, you’d better start paying attention! Ha! How’s that for bold and outspoken? 

I’ve learned that each of us need to take care of ourselves because when we don’t it ends up impacting everyone around us.  Especially those that are closest to us and we care deeply about.  For instance, when I’m not getting enough sleep, or fulfilling everyone else’s needs & ignoring my own, or my thoughts are running those negative tapes, I end up with a headache & snapping at my kids and then the downward spiral happens from there.   

On the flip side if I am working on how I can take care and nourish myself, that also leads to a ripple effect--impacting everyone around me, but in a positive way!  I am more playful, I can laugh at myself and have a grounded perspective.  That grounding thing is helpful when you have everyone’s energy coming at you from all sides. Helps you to stay connected within yourself and not get pulled into everyone else’s crap!